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GlobalMoms Initiative

A nonprofit initiative that connects mothers around the world with social, professional, and financial resources as they strive to achieve physical and mental well being.

Close Gender Gap for Moms and Everyone

While supporting the UN’s Global Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, GMI intends to draw global attention to the gap between women with children and everybody else. Given that nearly two billion of the world’s population are mothers, identifying their needs and problems and providing support to their well-being has a major impact on the world’s future.

MomStory100 Project

The MomStory100 Project relies on volunteer story lovers to find, link, and/or interview moms. We also encourage every mom to write her own narrative to identify her needs and the barriers she experiences against individual development.


MomCEO100 Club

Are you a mom entrepreneur looking for support? Our MomCEO community aims to link key educational and developmental resources such as knowledge, skills, technology, talent, funding and social networks for mom business owners to help them start and grow their business.

Join Us

Who is a globalmom? If you see yourself as a global citizen or care about world issues, and are interested to join hands with other moms to break social barriers for a more equitable society for all, then you should join us!

City Chapters

Upon expanding the GMI global network, to truly achieve our mission to unite globalmoms and inspire the world with MomQ, we acknowledged the importance of slowly activating offline City Chapters anywhere within and outside of China.

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