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MomCEO100 Club

Fulfilling Ourselves By Empowering Others

#MomCEO100 Club, is a Women and Mom Entrepreneur Empowerment Program established by GMI for Seed Stage Startups. It aims to link the key resources such as knowledge, skills, technology, talent, funding and social networks needed by entrepreneurs to succeed in the early stages of business planning. #MomStory100 Project also supports Mom Entrepreneurs to develop their own narrative to demonstrate their social entrepreneurship.

As known, in every industry and aspect of life, the GENDER GAP is really between mothers and everybody else. There are many businesses owned by mothers that lack the professional support they need to help them grow and reach much needed financial resources and social capital, while their male counterparts have better access to those supports, networks, and resources.

Who Engages with #MomCEO100 Club?
  • Women and Mom entrepreneurs

  • Women and Mom investors

  • Angel and Impact investors

  • Venture philanthropists

  • VC network partners

  • Leadership coaches

  • Organizational development consultants

  • Investment and financial advisors

  • Brand and UI designers

  • Community leaders on women's issues

  • Heads of foundations

  • Mental Health Counselors

  • Heads of social organizations

  • Legal advisors

  • Journalists and writers etc.

GMI's Holistic Approach to Support Mom Entrepreneurs

Peer Mentorship

One-to-one or more-to-one professional support groups


Innovation tools such as design thinking, business canvas, etc.

Funding Resources

Connecting with Mom investors and influencers

Social Support

Volunteers, counselors, and coaches (if required)


Linking to resources as required

Population of Focus

Mom Entrepreneurs in -1-1 stages of business development, especially those who are underserved and underrepresented regardless of social, cultural, and economic background.

Target Stages
Target Stages

From -1 to 0: Pre-seed stage

An idea has surpassed the concept stage.

From 0 to 1: Seed stage

Founders are first getting their operations off the ground. They are trying, but have had no success yet.

From 1-10: Early stage

The idea evolves until it becomes a mature product or service in the market. In other words, MVP launch stage.

Advisory Group


Communications Consultant, 20+ yrs in branding and marketing

Helen Fu.jpg

Helen Fu

Founder of Yangtze Institute of ESG and Green Finance

Jana Song.jpeg

Jana Song

Founder of DAZILIFE Quality Teahouse, 13 yrs in equity investment market

Lucy Liu.png

Lucy Liu

Investor and Founder of Yong Le Yang

Guang DayCare Center


Kate Xu

VC investor, venture builder, bilingual podcast host and producer, specializing in cross-border and emerging markets


Serena Zhao

HR Consultant with 10+ years experience working with entrepreneurs

Yuri Zhang.jpg

Yuri Zhang

Business Consultant, served 500+ entrepreneurs in company establishment and financial structuring

Yi Wang.png

Yi Wang

Founder and Designer of UMUTOPIA, an independent women's fashion brand

Vivian Chang MissGreen.jpg

Vivian Chang

 CEO and Founder of MissGreen, a lifestyle brand that has been providing pure plant-based products since 2014

Online Community Event Updates

Below are the things we have done in our club based on the members' need.


Empower-Her Series

1. We developed a small business plan template for mom entrepreneurs to use and submit their initial business ideas.

2. We formed more-to-one supporting groups and ran online brainstorming sessions to discuss their business ideas and interate their business plans.

3. We completed the first online mock-up roadshow and invited real investors, brand experts as well as leadership coach to join the review committee to question and help mom entrepreneurs to further nail down the business plan and get needed professional and funding resources.


Fulfill-Yourself Series

Activity #1: Daily Contents or news clippings;

Activity #2: Daily Q&A to find solutions and seek peers' support;

Activity #3: Daily Business Needs Update;

Activity #4: Thematic talks or workshops online;

Activity #5: Monthly BP Pitch Day;

Activity #6: Monthly Virtual Exhibition Day.

“According to the more-to-one group discussion, my initial business plan was further improved based on peers' feedback. I felt that I was pushed forward by the team, and I did not stop. This mock-up roadshow is all about learning, and there are a lot of competitors in the field, so finding a unique entry point is key to my startup business in supporting high school students with mental health challenges.”


Mai Miao

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