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City Chapters


Building a Global Network

Upon expanding the GMI global network, to truly achieve our mission to unite globalmoms and inspire the world with MomQ, we acknowledged the importance of slowly activating offline City Chapters anywhere within and outside of China.

Cultural context in which the interaction between moms and the stakeholders occurs has a significant impact on the process of community engagement and effective program implementation. Thus, we encourage leaders and volunteers within the shared geographical locations to get involved and make a difference (in moms’ and their own lives). Every chapter will be supported and guided by GMI leadership team throughout the change-makng journey.

Active Chapters

Siena, Italy

Chapter Lead | Esther, Li Yun Feng

Esther, Li Yun Feng.png

Li Yun Feng, a Naxi nationality born in China, is currently living in Italy, where she promotes and engages in international folk culture & art exchanges. She is the founder of Ming Women's Museum & Ming China-Netherlands Association for Promotion of Culture and Art. Vist for more information.

Beijing, China

Chapter Lead | Jane Li

Jane Li holds her master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from The University of Hong Kong (passed with Distinction and awarded Madam Lo Ng Kiu Ying Anita Memorial Scholarship), and bachelor’s degree in laws from Fudan University (awarded the Excellent Graduate of the Year 2007). Before launching GlobalMoms Initiative to empower women with children at different life stages, her past 15 years of work experience has spanned the private sector, public sector and nonprofit sector.

Guangzhou, China

Chapter Lead | Lotus Wang

Lotus Wang.png

Lotus Wang is a content marketing specialist with 10+ years of experience in Internet industries, including finance and education. She used to live in Bangkok, Athens, and Bali as homestay manager, coach, consultant, or business development manager in order to experience as a digital nomad. Lotus has started an age-inclusive community practice as a chief planner in Guangzhou, China. Lotus holds a Master's degree in professional accounting from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Chapter Lead | Mari Sharashidze

Ms. Mari Sharashidze.JPG

With an educational background in Social and Political Sciences, Mari Sharashidze has worked in non-profit organizational development in Georgia and has seen first-hand that empowering women and girls can bring transformational improvements in families, communities, and societies. She has worked in education industry for 5+ years while also volunteering for women’s empowerment and well-being in Beijing, China. She has seen the importance of people’s engagement in actions towards positive impact making. With her knowledge in partnership development, community engagement, child and youth education, strategy planning, policy advocacy and parenting, she’s here to contribute to the overall well-being of GlobalMoms.

Shanghai, China

Chapter Lead | Sasha Chen

Sasha Chen.png

Sasha Chen is a professional in nonprofit management with 10+ years of experience working at foundations and universities in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. She is also a researcher in impact investing and social entrepreneurship and has authored several research papers and cases in social innovation. Sasha is currently running her nonprofit organization to promote lifelong learning. As a mother of two children and the Chair of Shanghai Guangbo Institute of Further Education, she launched the MamaPro network with the support of the Shanghai Women Federation to empower working moms. Sasha holds a BA in Economics from Fudan University, an MPA in Nonprofit Management from New York University, and an MPhil in Public Policy from Hong Kong University.

Shenzhen, China

Chapter Lead | Selina Ma

Selina Ma.jpeg

Selina Ma has worked multiple positions in the Internet field for 10+ years, including development engineer, project manager, product manager and others. At the same time, she has paid close attention to the public welfare industry and volunteer organizations, and has more than ten years of volunteer service experience, mainly in the fields of education and women. Selina graduated from Dalian University of Technology. She is a certified lecturer of positive discipline, a tutor of parent-child reading, and collaborator of a family education public welfare organization.

Samtso Kyi.jpg

Chapter Lead | Samtso Kyi

Shangri-La, China

Samtso is a mother of two and has over 10 years of experience in the NGO and social entrepreneurship field. She is dedicated to helping women and children in rural areas, and she is the founder and CEO of the Shangri-la Gyalthang Academy and the Women’s Beekeeping Initiative. She has a master's degree in Human Resource Management and is passionate about creating sustainable opportunities for people in need.


Chapter Lead | Cong Chen

Xi'An, China

Cong Chen, Founder of "Art and Nature CAN" School & Half the Sky Bookstore Space Manager. She has been engaged in art for 12 years, advocating gender equality and environmental awareness in art activities, and practicing the concept that art comes from nature. In 2015, she worked in a public welfare organization, focusing on the development of women and children. In 2020, she collaborated with rural women and children in a public welfare project to build a nature school, and combined natural art with life education to carry out a series of activities to promote children's new understanding and changes in life in nature.


Chapter Lead | Joanna Cheung

Hong Kong

Joanna has spent most of her professional life in leading global sports organisations, including IMG and the NBA. During this time, she witnessed first-hand how the mind can significantly impact performance and our overall well-being. This sparked her interest in exploring how mindfulness is applied in both personal and professional contexts. Committed to sharing her knowledge and skills with others, Joanna offers individual and group mindfulness coaching in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Her goal is to help individuals and groups achieve greater personal and professional well-being and live a happier, more fulfilling life. After spending her teenage years in the UK and most of her adult life in Beijing, Joanna and her family recently moved back to Hong Kong, where they now call home.


Chapter Lead | Elisa Zhang

Wuhan, China

She has been full-time mothering nearly five years, and returned to the workplace for three years, is “Robot Online”company's first female salesperson, based in Wuhan. Recently she also takes a new role as the manager of a community book club in Wuhan. her interests cover traditional incense culture, yoga etc. She hopes to rebuild neighborhood relations through gathering people togther with fun community events, such as reading, sports, art education, parenting talks and so on.

If you’d like to...

  • Lead and develop a team of volunteers and show them how they can contribute while developing their skills

  • Plan and coordinate GMI project-related meetings, events, and activities

  • Communicate with stakeholders and get more moms involved

  • Look out for ways to build collaborations to ensure effective needs response within your community

  • Have a lot of fun in the process

...A new chapter in your life awaits!

Start a new GMI chapter in your city. We offer assistance, support and mentorship throughout your journey.

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