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Volunteer Application

Have you read our Volunteer Toolkit?

Volunteer Terms & Conditions


  1. I want to be supported and appreciated by others, in the same way I support and appreciate others, including fellow volunteers and community members;

  2. When I commit to do some volunteering work, I treat it as my work and it is expected to be delivered on time based on mutual discussion and agreement. If any delay is inevitable, I will inform my fellow volunteer or team leads at least one day ahead;

  3. Once I need extra support or meet challenges, I am willing to reach out to GMI community or speak to GMI’s team leads of volunteer manager proactively;

  4. I can stop my volunteering work at any point with 3 days ahead of notice and confirmation with GMI’s designated volunteer manager or team leads;

  5. Any work or time I have contributed will be acknowledged properly in GMI, and the outputs will not be used for any commercial purpose;

  6. I don’t anticipate any financial compensation from any work I have done in GMI;

  7. I am expected to be an active team-worker and collaborator, and truly believe in fulfilling-ourselves-through-helping-others philosophy;

  8. As far as I see necessary, I am willing to share relevant social resources with GMI while I build new postiive social relationships through GMI;

  9. I agree that receiving support is another way of giving, and we give with sincerity.

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