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100 Hours Club


Each of GMI's accomplishments are built upon volunteer contributions. When volunteers join our team, we don't question their background or motivations, because we believe actions can speak for themselves. As it is said, "Time will know”.

Although time banking is not yet a prevalent concept in the development world, we are consciously applying this concept and its principles into GMI's work. With each passing day, GMI constantly learns, reflects and improves, continuously evolving to fulfill ourselves while empowering others- in our case, GlobalMoms.

100-Hours is a noteworthy milestone for any volunteer. It demonstrates our value, commitment and dynamic work which, step by step, improves ourselves, our service targets and the world we share.

This acknowledgement page showcases all past and present volunteers who have dedicated over 100 hours to the GMI mission. Thank you and congratulations to all. You are more than brilliant, and your potential is yet to be fully revealed.

Gao Yuan.jpg

Gao Yuan
Design Innovation Center Co-Director
MomDesigner100 Mentor

“Love is the power of sustainable development.”

Copy of Jane_edited.jpg

Founder and Chief Volunteer

“The best giving is giving without being asked.”

Copy of Margaret Nie.JPG

Margaret Nie
Writer, Senior Editor of MomStory 100

“Sharing is caring!“

Copy of Ms. Mari Sharashidze.JPG

International Community Coordinator

“Keep the sun in your heart“

Copy of PInky.jpg

Nina Cheng
MomStory 100 Editor

“Cor Cordium“
- Shelley’s Epitaph

Copy of Sharon Liu

Sharon Liu
UX/UI Designer

“Love is an action, never simply a feeling.“ - bell hooks

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