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MomStory100 Project

Every Mom Has a Story

The MomStory100 Project, it relies on volunteers, who are story-lovers, to find, link, or interview moms, and also we encourage every mom writing for herself, through her own narrative to identify real needs and barriers for individual development. For every momstory, we stick to "no revision" publishing principle, to demonstrate GMI's unconditional acceptance and support to moms, see and appreciate every mom as who they are. Besides, the stories will contribute to #MomQActionResearch. Check our joint page with NGO News on Women's Voices.

Read and Hear Stories:



Become a MomStory Writer

GMI #MomStory100 Project can retain an unlimited number of story-writers and interviewers
or editors at the same time, as we have so many target interviewees.

Mom Writer Prize

The Mom Writer Prize was launched based on the deep understanding of moms' urge to break biases on motherhood and voice out in her own way without judgements, and the Prize intends to encourage every mom to write for herself and through writing to know herself better and deeper. As known, storytelling is an evidence-based self-narrative method for moms to express themselves, while getting to know and reflecting on their identities. It also means to link everyone to write for moms and see moms, in which way, raising public awareness of moms' true status and their developmental needs.

We firmly believe in the power of authentic storytelling, and every mom has a story to tell and every mom has a different story!

For more about the Prize, please email us.

Submission Requirements

Submission Timeframe:

Everyday is open for submission


Core Theme:

Related to reflections on motherhood, mom identity, or the stories of mothers whether from a first or third person perspective


Writing Philosophy:

Write for myself, write for moms!


Subject Matter:


Selection Criteria and Value Ranking

Stay true and authentic

Reflective on your growth and life journey

Inspiring and empowering for other moms and readers

Dare to talk about it openly

Leading to community and social change

Participation Steps and Timeline

Step 1: Ask yourself if you are tempted 

Would I be willing to devote myself/my mothering time to writing a story?


Step 2: Write as you feel 

Write at your own pace, tell your own inner story. Complete your draft and submit it to our editorial department for review. If needed, we will then provide one-on-one editorial support for text editing. GMI also offers writing workshops to those who would like some help along the way.

Send your story to to get connected right away. we will reply to every submission and email.


Step 3: GMI Editing and Publishing 

Your story will be published to our Global MomStory column.

The Annual 10 MomQ Stories will be selected by an independent review team and awarded by every end of year (Dec. 31) on a rolling basis.


Mom Writer Fellowship

Coming soon!

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