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Design As A Force For Good

Design services and education empowering socially conscious women & mom designers across a range of disciplines and backgrounds.

About Us

Through MomDesigner100 program, GMI links like-minded and socially conscious women designers from various professional settings and cultural backgrounds. To further leverage their professional capacity and innovative minds, GMI has established the Design Innovation Center.

The Design Center directly provides various design services across fields including visual, interior, and fashion design, and more.

We have also developed our first s
eries of general design education courses targeting early-stage women and mom designers from different disciplines. We aim to offer further design education courses, workshops and customized education programs.

What does design mean to us?


Design is the first human behavior. Everyone can design; our every day life and every action is a design activity. GMI advocates and practices cross-disciplinary design teamwork, in particular design-driven solutions for the real world, social problems.

In one phrase: We support women designers, and empower design for women.


Design Principles & Team Culture

GMI Design Innovation Center aims to incorporate sustainability & inclusiveness into every design and act as an advocate for a greener and happier world for all.

Our principles:

  • Design for gender equity and social change.

  • Design for #betterlife4all, with a focus on the WellBeing4Moms and children.

  • Apply cost-effective solutions, environmental-friendly materials in every design thinking and process.

  • Commitment to fulfill ourselves through empowering others.

Our team culture:

  • Agile

  • Gender inclusive

  • Organic

  • Courageous

  • Impact-oriented

We welcome women and mom designers from sustainable materials, architecture, fashion, jewelry, handcrafts, ICT and many more professional backgrounds to join our global design network. Get inspired and inspire others!


Design Fields

Visual and Graphic


Industrial and Tech

Architecture and Interior


Fashion and Jewelry


Social Design*


Design Education


Social design means everything we design and think of to design is to meet unmet social needs and contribute to solve a complex social problem, most of all, gender inequality.

Leadership & Advisory Team

Gao Yuan
Sustainable Design & Visual Communication

Liang Kai

Curator & PhD inn Arts & Design

He Siqian

Gender Inclusive Tech Design

Xie Xiaolu
Architect, Architecture Psychology

Ma Yaxin
Interior Design and Arts Management

Jane Li
Head of Design Management

Chai Chai
Co-head of Design Management

Fang Yimi
Co-head of Design Management

Designers & Artists in Partnership Around the Globe

Qiu Qiu
Branding and Visual Design

Rene Ni

Sustainable Fashion Design

Zhou He

Interior Design x Art, Shenzhen

Sharon Liu
UX/UI Design

Jack Chen
Interior Design (Male)

Tina Wang

Industry and Immersive Media Art Design

Dandan Wang
Jewelry Design & Appraisal

Dan, Zi Qi
Enamel Jewelry Design

Liu Hui
Interior Design, Beijing

Li Nan

Visual and Graphic Design (Male)


Ceramic Artist

Lucy, Zhao Shiqi
Digital Media Design

Esther, Li Yunfeng
Founder of Ming Women's Museum, Curator

Cai Ruijia
Digital Media Design

Liu Xinyu
APP developer, based in France

Chen Yiyan
APP developer, based in USA

Design Empowered Partners

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