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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of GMI?


Please see the Founder’s Interview with Jingkids Magazine.


Who can volunteer?


Youth, moms, dads, all adults and the elderly, as long as you are committed to supporting moms through GMI projects.


Who is behind GMI's daily operation?


We are 100% volunteer-made team, and GMI is recruiting new volunteers on a rolling basis, because we always need more helping-hands to reach and link more moms in need and facilitate meaningful and effective community engagement activities.


Currently, we have over 10 long-term volunteers and more than 50 short-term volunteers, working on #MomStory100 Project as interviewers, editors and visual designers and #MomCEO100 Club as community supporters and facilitators.


Get to know our 13 early adopters.


How can volunteers benefit from participation?


Every volunteer joined GMI because of our mission and values, we see ourselves not only as supporters but also supportees by the network. Besides, we enjoy meeting and working with like-minded new friends across cultures, genders, generations and locations.


Any volunteer doesn't have to be professional to start a GMI journey, as long as it is where your passion leads you and we are happy to support each other to grow along the way.


Where do you get funding for GMI's daily operation?


Right now, all the daily operation funds are donated by GMI's founding members. Most of our work is delivered by volunteers with in-kind donations, especially in the way of time and skill contribution. The general operation cost is fairly low.


How does GMI build a truly global network?


GMI's flagship programs #MomStory100 and #MomCEO100 can be run through online collaborations and networks, a trendy working style. We also see GMI as a globally distributed and shared workspace where anyone can meet and work with each other regardless of locations, cultural backgrounds and genders. In the future, we may consider organizing annual offline gatherings in different countries and regions to create more fun and joy through face to face communications.


Are you able to issue volunteer certificate to prove my contribution?


Yes, we are always happy to do what we can based on volunteers' specific requests.

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