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Meet the Team

Operation Team+

Alma Liu

Legal Consultant, Community Partners

Coco Cheng

GlobalMoms Podcast Producer

Margaret Nie

MomStory100 Program Lead, Senior Editor

Sharon Liu

UX/UI Designer

Caixiu Zhou

Multimedia Content Advisor

Faye Yang

GMI art+ Program Advisor


International Community Coordinator

Sun Lingxi

Social Media Contents Editor

Chai Chai

Co-Head of Design Innovation Center


MomDesigner100 Content Editor

Petru Simion

International Volunteer Program Co-lead

Vivian Wu

Volunteer Program Coordinator

Chen Si Ting

MomStory100 Program Co-lead

Jane Li

Founder and Chief Volunteer


MomStory Editor, MomCEO100 Mentorship Program Coordinator

Yvonne Sun

Jobs4Moms Program Co-lead

Christina Ren

Editor, Podcast Co-producer

Lotus Wang

Jobs4Moms Program Lead

Selina Ma

10-Months Writing Program Coordinator

Ziwei Luo

English Podcast Producer

Operation Team
International Advisory Team

International Advisory Board

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Ms. Charmaine du Plessis

Charmaine du Plessis is a global marketing communications professional and has held senior executive leadership roles in marketing, corporate and strategic communication, public relations, and brand and reputation management. Her career is multi-sectoral and she enjoys working across cultures. She has worked and partnered with organizations in South Africa, United States of America, Dubai, India, and Malaysia. Her expertise, as integrated marketing, and corporate communications specialist, covers various aspects, including the development, implementation, and management of numerous integrated marketing communication strategies. She currently resides in Beijing, China.

Ms. Jasmine Lau.JPG

Ms. Jasmine Lau

Jasmine Lau is a social entrepreneur, educator, and international community builder. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of PIM (Purpose in Motion, formerly Philanthropy in Motion), which empowers young people with education, resources, and networks to become effective leaders and changemakers. She is part of the inaugural board of advisors to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers initiative, which aims to promote collective citizen action globally to accomplish the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Jasmine has been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 for her work in social entrepreneurship and the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper. She is a recipient of the Richard Rockefeller Fellowship and the Hong Kong Youth Service Award.

Kitty Lee_edited.png

Ms. Kitty Li

A Hong Kong returned overseas Chinese youth leader and one of the top ten female entrepreneurs in the Chinese education industry. As the founder of a leading high-end brand in the Chinese family education sector, she has made significant contributions to the development of the Chinese family education market with her practical and unique insights. She has access to high-end educational toys for infants and young children worldwide, as well as abundant resources of family education experts. She pays special attention to the needs of contemporary women and mothers, accumulating rich experiences and venturing into areas such as family offices, law firms, and mommy clubs. She pursues the charm of lifelong growth and is passionate about empowering others.

Dr. May Farid.png

Dr. May Farid

She is a political scientist studying civil society, policy and development in contemporary China and beyond. She currently researches education policy in China as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Stanford's Graduate School of Education. Her research centers on the interplay between citizen initiatives and state policy and practice, and the implications of this dynamic for development and governance. Ordinary citizens are increasingly taking individual and collective initiative to address development challenges.

Ms. Mari Sharashidze.JPG

Ms. Mari Sharashidze

With the educational background in Social and Political Sciences, Mari has worked in non-profit organizational development in Georgia and has seen first-hand that empowering women and girls can bring transformational improvements in families, communities, and societies. She has worked in education industry for over five years while also volunteering for women’s empowerment and well-being in Beijing, China. She has seen the importance of people’s engagement in actions towards positive impact making.With some knowledge in partnership development, community engagement, child and youth education, strategy planning, policy advocacy and parenting, she’s here to contribute to the overall well-being of GlobalMoms.

Dr. Samantha Sibanda.JPG

Dr. Samantha Sibanda

Born in Zimbabwe and working in Beijing. Founder of Appreciate Africa Network an organization that is there to promote the values of African socio-cultural and economic contributions in the world. She is also the brains behind Pride Of Africa Asia Awards which aims to appreciate African individuals who are making remarkable contributions in Asia Pacific.

Ms. Sonja Ling.jpg

Ms. Sonja Ling

Sonja has worked as a renewable energy policy advocate and currently works at Sun Path Electric, a socially conscious solar company in Seattle. She is the program director for Global Women Partners in Philanthropy, a project that helps donors worldwide become effective philanthropists in their own communities by adopting the collective giving grantmaking model developed by the Washington Women’s Foundation. Sonja is the mom of two kids and believes we must all take local action on climate change. For over ten years, she served on the board of Washington Women for Climate Action Now (formerly CoolMom), a Seattle-based nonprofit that engages and empowers women to lead equitable climate action in Washington state. She has lived and worked in Taiwan and during the past decade she and her family have spent extended periods of time in both Beijing and Kunming, China. She holds a BA from the University of Washington and MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford, where she focused her research on solar power in Qinghai, China.

Zhou Weiyan (Amy).jpg

Ms. Zhou Weiyan

Board Chair of Beijing Young Zen Foundation, founding board director of One Foundation, founding board director of Grameen Bank (China), standing director of China Association for Community Development, founding board director of Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute, and Board Director of The Nature Conservancy (China). Besides, she drafted the National Guideline for Child-friendly Community Building, which was officially issued in 2020. We believe her commitment and impact in China philanthropy sector will help GMI further our mission and vision, to support more moms in need in China and around the globe.

Ms. Wang Le.JPG

Ms. Wang Le

A Chinese mom who lives in New York. She comes with many years’ experience in international development and the Humanatrain sector in Asia and Africa. She worked both on the front line supporting children and mothers in need and influencing policy and political debates at United Nations through inter-government processes. Wang Le also brings experts in Children’s rights, non-profit management and resilience-building for the most vulnerable groups in society. Her life and work in a multi-culture environment have given her a unique perspective on inclusion and diversity. From the most remote area of northern Kenya to the metropolitan of shanghai or New York, mothers play the most important role to ensure their kids are healthy and achieve their full potential in development. This is why the global mums’ initiative is an excellent platform to connect them and empower them to be the best of themselves and be the best for their children and society!

Youth Advisory Board

Youth Advisory Board


Nina Cheng

Nina, a 17-year-old senior student in a Beijing High School. She loves writing, interviewing, translating and so on. She wants to pursue further studies in Media, Psychology and Sociology, because she is really interested in the interaction mode among human beings and in herself.

Nubes Chen.jpg

Nubes Chen

Currently pursuing master degree in urban planning in the US. Nubes has abundant consulting experiences in business and public areas in China from 2018 to 2022. She also pays individual efforts to women charities as a volunteer researcher. She highly appreciates GMI’s endeavor to redefine mothers’ values and desires to contribute to women’s development. With the idea of combining her interests in urban development and gender equality, she hopes to instill humanism in our cities and make them places where women's stories are heard, women's power is granted, and everyone is respected as an individual.

Petru Simion.jpg

Petru Simion

Petru is a seasoned product manager, with +5 years of experience in entrepreneurship, scale-ups and innovation. More recently, also a student in International Development and Management at Lund University (Sweden) and as of latest relocated to Beijing. He is passionate about development across a variety of topics, from climate and wellbeing to social change and women empowerment.


Sharon Liu

Sharon, currently based in Beijing with experience in the US and UK. Background in contemporary art, psychoanalytical visual cultures, and UX design. She is passionate about the exploration and support of mental health and self-actualization, and creative experiences that nurture connection between and within people. Designer of the first GMI website.


Rebecca Zhang

Ex-consultant engaged in multiple IPO projects, broasts abudant expertise in market research, market sizing, market data collection and analysis, interviews with client companies and industry professionals. The project ranged from TMT, retail, consumer healthcare, and Pan-entertainment. Founder of an emerging feminsm NGO named 'Your Crescent Moon', providing sex education courses for 1,000 girls in remoted underdeveloped areas. Ms. Zhang holds a Bachelor of Administration in Tongji University and a Master degree of Social Science from the University of Hong Kong.

Kate, Xu Ting.jpg

Kate, Xu Ting

VC investor, venture builder, bilingual podcast host and producer, specializing in cross-border and emerging markets since 2017. "The women/female friends I have met in my life have showed me the limitless possibilities of what it means to be a woman. I am very blessed to have met them and have learned from them to follow your heart, your passion, and to live the life you want. There is magic , strength and power in female bonding."

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