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City Chapters


Building a Global Network

Upon expanding the GMI global network, to truly achieve our mission to unite globalmoms and inspire the world with MomQ, we acknowledged the importance of slowly activating offline City Chapters anywhere within and outside of China.

Cultural context in which the interaction between moms and the stakeholders occurs has a significant impact on the process of community engagement and effective program implementation. Thus, we encourage leaders and volunteers within the shared geographical locations to get involved and make a difference (in moms’ and their own lives). Every chapter will be supported and guided by GMI leadership team throughout the change-makng journey.

Currently active chapters:

  • Beijing

  • Shenzhen

  • Los Angeles

If you’d like to...

  • Lead and develop a team of volunteers and show them how they can contribute while developing their skills

  • Plan and coordinate GMI project-related meetings, events, and activities

  • Communicate with stakeholders and get more moms involved

  • Look out for ways to build collaborations to ensure effective needs response within your community

  • Have a lot of fun in the process

...A new chapter in your life awaits!

Start a new GMI chapter in your city. We offer assistance, support and mentorship throughout your journey.

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