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There are many fun and rewarding roles available within GMI. Whether you’re a new to volunteering and choosing your first role or thinking about your skills progression as a volunteer - you’ll find something to suit you. Use our Volunteer Toolkit to plan what to do next. Your journey at GMI is up to you!

Volunteer Voices

“People meeting each other in such a big world, is luck; participation in GMI, is a story of you, me, and her. As a story editor in GMI, I want to hear more stories from moms around the globe, especially after becoming a mother myself. On paper, there are so many stories of "successful" moms, but so few voices of "ordinary" moms. In GMI, I find another possibility!”


Margaret - Mom of a 7 year-old boy

From Shenzhen, China.

Living in the UK for the past 3 years.

“I am not a mom yet, but I have always had a kind of awe for all moms, and I have seen so many mom friends who are fearless in defending their children and combatting the environment of so many barriers, and taking the initiative in redefining themselves. In the course of GMI's development, the stories of different moms have shown me again and again the magical energy that turns the difficulties of life into gifts. How precious it is to see that every ordinary mom has been working so hard to create a better world.”


Dr. Zheng Lei - PhD in Education and Culture Studies

Graduated from University of Wisconsin–Madison

“As I edited teacher Li’s story I was struck by how different being raised and being a mother was in China compared to my own experience of childhood and being a mother in Europe. Yet what stayed with me the most was, even though teacher Li had less access to money, food and education, she was happy and did not complain. I think this is a lesson in how we don’t need money or material wealth to be happy and fulfilled.”



From the UK, now living in Beijing.

“Solidarity is not about confrontation, but about exploring one's own growth in both self-dialogue and in dialogue with diverse groups of women. I'm glad to join GMI to know women and to break my own boundaries in this small but beautiful volunteer community.”


Chai Chai - Pet lover, Nonprofit practitioner

Living in Hangzhou, China

"If you can't change the world, change yourself. But you don't change yourself to be like the world, you change yourself as the world", said by a novelist named Zhu Yue. Women's power is guided by motherhood, from the firefly light into a prairie fire, shine on people all over the world. Besides, I am also keen to know myself, know women, know love, know the world through GMI.”


Pinky - 17 year-old high school student


“GMI provides space for volunteers to act out individual ambitions and offer helping hands to moms in need. You can volunteer as much of your time as you like, the journey is up to you. As we try to shift all our identities into one global identity, we start to care for everyone’s wellbeing. I know why moms’ voices are less heard, I know how they happen to live multiple lives and I know how many of them fight battles every single day just to provide food for their children with special healthcare needs. They need support to balance it all. Underserved and underrepresented moms usually can’t attend social events, they can’t make new friends and can’t grow their networks. So we simply don’t hear them enough. If we create a wave of awareness and global communities engage in joint action, moms’ mental and physical well-being will be a natural consequence. Every MomStory matters and every contribution makes a difference.”


Mari - Mother of 4 year-old boy


“From getting to know GMI to building and running GMI Facebook in January 2022, I felt the joy of sharing. In the process of perusing and translating different mother stories, I got a deeper understanding of MomQ (mom power). The smooth communication and teamwork with like-minded volunteers has also enriched me. I hope that GMI's vision of supporting every mom to become and improving women's status will be felt and seen by more people. Do more, feel better, live longer!”


Sabrina He - Working in Stem Cell Therapy

Los Angeles

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