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"From an Italian yard to a Chinese yard"

Written by Salome

I am Salome, first of all the Mom of the most beautiful girl named Anamaria. Then I am Mrs. Salome, Dr. Salome, Professor Salome... There are many statuses, but I am just Salome. I am a girl born in the old part of Tbilisi city, in a city that I always love, miss and always think about, no matter where I go, no matter where I live, my Tbilisi, that small old part where I used to live, always warms my heart. I wrote an article on f my current living place, the city of Guangzhou, with the title: "From an Italian yard to a Chinese yard". It's really a big contrast, but my "Italian yard" is irreplaceable. 


I have been living in China for seven years and I come to Georgia several times a year, so as an emigrant I always miss my city. Tbilisi is a small city, where I was born, where I spent all my childhood and youth, in the old part of Tbilisi, there is our private house in it with its beautiful yard, which is looked after by my mom and has a real oasis, there is a different smell in old Tbilisi, the neighborhood is also different, there are a few gossips, too much they are interested in, but very kind and attentive people. Perhaps being at such a long distance from home, I understandably feel a sense of nostalgia for my own city, and there is no better place on earth for me.


There are many important moments and snapshots to remember from my life, but I will single out two in particular: the chain of love of the old and new generations, the joy given by the people in my life, which is unconditional, incomparable and superior. I will recall one fact from my deep childhood, my father, who was a fighter participating in the wars of Abkhazia and Ossetia.


I waited every day for my father, who went to the war in Abkhazia, with my sincere childish expectation and the hope that he would definitely return alive. From the window of the second floor of the house, every day I would look at the road and just remember very clearly, an old cassette tape was strung between the wooden posts. I gave this tape a special symbolic load, that its rustling would give me a sign that my father was coming back, that my father was alive, and one calm day, I looked at the tape, it seemed to shake, a wonderful feeling settled in my heart and a little anxiety, I looked at the road and he was coming, the father was really coming, dressed in uniform, with a beard, high-necked boots, he was coming with big steps, a ‘’Kabalakhi’’ wrapped around his head and a weapon slung over his shoulder. I would love that every children’s dream come true, just like mine then.


The joy of my father’s return alive from the war did not last long, and very soon, my mom with three children, became a widow at the age of just 38. Everyone's mother is beautiful, sweet, warm and the best, but my mom is truly the most beautiful and the bravest one. If it wasn’t my mom’s sacrifice, in the full sense of the word, we wouldn't be who we are today. Personally, my mother is the main motivator in my life, she is the creator of all my successes and achievements.


All important achievements in my life, starting with education and ending with career, all my life's "victories" I dedicate to her. It is difficult and perhaps unimaginable to compensate for what a mother has done for us, but we children should try to fill our moms with the daily joy and share our love with them all the time. Helping people, revealing worthy qualities in a person and appreciating them, valuing a person not by his material condition, but by appreciating the honesty, integrity, courage, self-awareness and wholeheartedness in people, and many more things that I learned from my mother, which contributed a lot to the formation of my personality, I thank her now and for the rest of my life.


The second important event is the first moments, stages, sensations of being a mother, and I will tell you that I got this not when my daughter was born, but from the moment I heard that a second life had settled in me. It is indescribable, difficult to convey, then perhaps mother is the most beautiful, the calmest, the most balanced and divine.


In 2010, I was awarded a two years scholarship from the Chinese government and started studying Chinese language and culture at Beijing Language and Culture University with full funding. I would like to point out the fact that my university, Tbilisi State University, first time cooperated with the mentioned university in China, and two students including me, already holding the master degrees, went to China. This was my first contact with China.


Generally, before coming to China, students take a basic Chinese language course in their hometowns, but in my case, I started from “Tabula Rasa” and after two years, I mastered a high level of Chinese language, learned a lot about Chinese culture, and after returning to Georgia, I tried one of the most important positions for me, which was the hosting of the radio show "Discover China", joint project of media holding "Gbtimes" and Jako Fm.


In fact, we were pioneers not only in the entire radio space in Georgia, but also on all social platforms, for which we created unique content both in live broadcasts and in printed forms.We wrote many articles about Chinese culture, history, business, sports, daily news, both in Georgian and Chinese languages, and then these articles were translated into different languages ​​for our international readers. Every day, we invited honorable Chinese, Georgian guests and people related to China, who shared about their experiences during their stay in China. The content of our program was created for people interested in China, in fact we made a cultural bridge between China and Georgia. We enjoyed quite a lot of notoriety, because everyone knew us for our interesting creative events, which we co-organized with the Chinese Embassy in Georgia. One of the first and biggest events that we held was the "China Day" in the “Deda Ena” Park in Tbilisi, as well as an educational exhibition-forum, where we invited the best universities of Zhejiang province and gave Georgian students the opportunity to continue their studies in the best Chinese universities with scholarship programs and partial funding.


The education I got from China was very helpful for my future career advancement. I am a philologist of the Georgian and English languages, as well as a Sinologist, in addition to the important professions in which I tried myself and found that I can develop my abilities in many directions, because I can work in the business field as well as in the academic field.


Being a Mom does not mean taking responsibilities and obligations only on yourself, the involvement of the father is natural and the equal distribution of parental functions is necessary. Motherhood is not about being a victim, as only you spend and invest in raising your child, so does a father. If there was a nomination for the best father, I would definitely give this status to my husband. I won't go into the details, but if it wasn't for his active involvement in raising our daughter, Anamaria, it would have been quite a difficult process for me. I have often heard from mothers that only they are participating in the rising process of the children. My kind advice would be, dear moms, if the husband can't accept his share of responsibility in raising the child, insist on him and explain the necessity of his role in this important and difficult process, which is called raising and forming child as a person.


To know yourself, learn about you is not an easy task. I know myself by the skills, abilities, determination, hard work, results I have achieved, and I found that I can do more as a mother in any fields than I imagined. In general, human abilities have the potential to expand and develop, the main thing is to find yourself where you like to be and do what you love to do.


Before I became a Mom, I had quite a busy lifestyle, but motherhood made me find more strength in me, and today I can be busier than before. Today, as a Mom, I think that I am caring, attentive, focused on the development of my daughter, I try to give everything I can and can't.


Time management is the most important thing in life, in all registers, both in and out. I can't boast that I manage my time perfectly, but I can honestly say that it still works out well for me. It is often said "as busier you are, as better you can manage your time" is not a myth at all, this is true. After becoming a mother, my Iife is  busier, but I have a need to prioritize my time and not waste my precious minutes on things that are less important or not important at all for me. No matter how you’re going to chase your stars, remember to spend more time with your loved ones, because they are the very beings that create your inner peaceful, harmonious state of mind, wellbeing.


As for my time outside, i.e. the hours I am not at home, I organize it perfectly, I work in the non-governmental organization "Belt and Road Georgian Business House" founded and officially registered in Georgia and Guangzhou, China. We serve the interests of our country, we are known, respected and proud of us because of the things we have done here. As an academic doctor of humanities, I continue my academic work and am a professor at the Huali International college of Guangdong Technology University.


Taking care of your appearance, your body, wish to look more beautiful all the time - which woman does not think about it, probably everyone. In addition, to where I work, whether it's an organization, a business, or an academic field, I've always thought about creating something of my own that would make my inner lady happy on the one hand, and bring me financial income on the other. In 2019, I created the brand of facial care products named "Karabadini", which I registered in Georgia and also in China.


The process of working on the brand lasted for a year until we brought it to perfection, and when I saw already fully packaged product, it was a feeling of happiness and a big step forward, which definitely promised me great success. In the first stage, we produced limited quantities to test the Chinese market and it worked. The name of the brand "Karabadini" is derived from the name of the earliest monument of Georgian medical literature "Matchless Karabadini". Recently, I am still working on its further development. At the same time, I am working on two books, in two different directions, one is a direct continuation of my academic work, and the other is more to please the "child" in me. I have been able to do all this since I became a Mom, this status has given me unlimited opportunities, which I grow, develop in me and bring to the obvious.


With my short story, I tried to tell about myself. I touched all registers as much as possible, but the most important thing is you, you as a separate person, first of all as a Mom. Now let's ask ourselves, am I a good mother or not? You have already been blessed by God to be the bearer of another soul and bring new life to the world, of course you are already a good mother, but beyond that you have the need to fulfill your little whims or even big wishes.


Of course you have to do it, you deserve it, you have to do everything to be who you want to be. Probably, many people will think from my story how organized my life is, how successful I am, she achieves everything, it is ideal. What is behind all this? Of course, constant hard work for the continuous development, being in the environment of good and healthy thinking people.


If you fall down, do not be afraid! Get up!


If you get tired, do not give up! keep going!


And most importantly, never lose the feeling of gratitude and you will be the happiest, most delightful, successful, accomplished, realized woman-mother. Always be proud of yourself, your abilities, your successes, because no one knows the price of this great work that you have done to create all this, except you, dear Moms!




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