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EU Market Politic & Economic Risk Analyst (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Martin Luden is a market research and risk management consulting firm focusing on the business collaborations between Europe and China. Headquartered in Hangzhou, we assist clients from government sections, big enterprises, and investment funds, etc. to understand public policy, develop market insights and provide tailored stakeholder engagement. Further, We are able to assist our clients in Europe. Martin Luden consulting is often solicited in order to work on market sizing, market opportunity assessment, strategic planning, risk management, market development, and ongoing operations. We have worked with major international companies as well as for SMEs.

For companies to seize the opportunities presented by globalization, it is crucial to develop and execute strategies tailored to individual countries and markets. Our mission is to provide our clients with value-added analytics, judgments, and best practices for conceiving and implementing such strategies.



Martin Luden Consulting Co. Ltd


LOCATION Hangzhou, China


Full-Time, Part-Time



Not Listed


JOB TITLE EU Market Politic & Economic Risk Analyst

JOB DESCRIPTION EU Market Politic&Economic Risk Analyst

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Responsibilities: Monitoring a range of sources and staying abreast of developments which may impact those on our client base. Develop and maintain a network of contacts in the European private sector, public institutions, government sections and other relevant sectors Conduct research and provide analysis on geopolitical and economic pattern change globally Overseeing the written output of country risk analysts globally, probing the logic of their arguments and the robustness of their forecasts. Research and analysis of key political trends, business environment, legislation process, and trade related developments taking place across EU and China. Writing and editing program-based policy-making analysis reports and updates.


  • Bachelor’s degree in International relations/International trade/Economics/Public Policy/ Political Science/International laws/ Business management with an excellent academic background.

  • Professional experience in Europe-related private sector, government or international organisation; experiences in government relations and/or business consultancy are considered a strong asset;

  • The ability to work independently and to cope with pressure and responsibility;

  • The confidence to relate to a wide range of people and to challenge people when necessary.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, French or Mandarin.

  • Proactive and self-dependent. –Be able to travel and work in oversea.

  • Better with Europe countries working experience, resources and contacts.

  • English, Fluent

  • German, Fluent

  • French, Fluent



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