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Q&A with Marie, a mom of 5 kids.

Editor's Note

Marie is from Philippines, a country of over 7000 islands, beautiful beaches, delicious fruit and smiling people. Marie is an English teacher and a mother of five children. During her overloaded motherhood journey, she’s been able to work online and also savor her joy-filled family life. 

As a member of Beijing moms community, Marie heard about GMI’s project MomStory100. She joined our initiative by submitting her own story. We want to thank her for the courage and for her trust in mom power (MomQ).GMI intends to build relationships that are natural and casual, less formal and more authentic. The MomStories are meant to reflect the reality and bring the reader as close to the author’s journey as possible. Our editorial team's attitude to make a little progress each day is indeed adding up to bigger results and GMI is being seen by more and more people, and moms. And here we are, not only supporting moms around the globe, but also being supported by them, which is wonderful.

Answered by Mari

Please tell us about yourself?

I am a mom of 5 kids and I teach ESL online to students all over the world.

Can you share at least one of the most important events happened in your life?

The most important event that happened in my life is when I met my husband and we created a beautiful family.

Do you think you know yourself? Why you think so? How do you know?

I feel that I know myself well, to know what I like and dislike.  Life is progressive and growth is inevitable and I am still excited to grow and learn about the world and myself.

Can you remember the times when you had no children? Can you recall your feelings and your aspirations? What were your ups and downs back then?

I remember when I was still single, I only cared about how I looked, my career and how to achieve it. I was wild and kept on pushing my boundaries even more. If I fail, I kept on going until I reach my goal one step at a time.When I was young I felt that my grades and friends are where my ups and downs come from and when I finished college and now working, I feel like there’s so much more than grades and friends, there are work relationships, romantic relationships, family and social media.

What's the biggest difference or what was the major change between life with moms' identity and life without mom's identity?

I thought that when I was still single, I was so sure about what kind of mom, I will be and what I will not be. During my first 3 years of being a mom, it was challenging but since I finished a science major course,I know what to expect and how to apply all things that are necessary starting from kid behavioral swings, alleviating pain and illness, what to do for each tantrum episodes. Oh, how I was wrong to think that after three years everything will be easy, you still have to deal with school, homework, birthday parties, extracurricular activities, friends, school mom groups and more!

What being a mom means to you? If you were a circle, how much of it would be occupied by mom’s identity (%) ?

I have always dreamt of becoming a mom.I believe there is no perfect mom but in the eyes of your children, you are perfect! I always put my motherhood at the center of everything that I do. It is true that motherhood will take your whole life but conscious effort is the key to putting them in balance.

What impact does motherhood have on your work, career, life, and Family?

Motherhood has helped me become more responsible for all my actions and thoughts, how my kid would behave might have a big impact on how I behave, whenever I am around them. I should be accountable for all my actions that can be seen by my kids, this also includes being a mother to my kids and being a wife to my husband so they have an idea of what a family looks like - it is not always perfect but a happy family in general.

Back to your current life (including both personal and professional aspects):

What worries you the most?

Aside, from the environmental change that is going on,I worry about the mental state of my family. The rapid changes brought about by pandemic such as routines, face-to-face activities, social interaction and even preparing the simplest home cook meal can give me worries.

What makes you happy?

I feel happy whenever I see my family happy.Whenever we do simple activities like cooking pizza, baking cupcakes, playing video games or sports and be able to bond with them.

What makes you vulnerable?

I feel powerless when I see one of my kids sick or in a bad mood.

What gives you hope?

I feel hopeful when I dream and plan for the future.

From your perspective, what do you think is the biggest obstacle or difficulty to the moms around you or in your country/where you live?

I believe that being too protective of a kid can be the biggest obstacle because it can lessen the kid's imagination.

Can you give an example? 

When I was young, there were so many things that are not allowed to do.I can’t run too fast, I can’t wear the clothes that I want, I can’t swing too high, never eat street food, and I always have to wear skirts.

If there is an afterlife, would you still want to be a mother? Why?

Why not? It is such a blessing to be the first teacher of kids, the first role model of kids and be able to show my kids how to love and be loved and become a better person.

What would be the greatest thing that an organization/project can do for you?

It is so great to be able to connect to other moms who have the same experience and be able to relate to other people’s stories who also experience things that I went through and will go through and I am never alone in the motherhood journey. 

For moms who may need advise with ESL teaching or needs tutoring services, please contact me.

How can we improve our work at GMI to better identify and highlight needs of moms? Please share your suggestions for the MomStory100 project?

Having online event meetings can also help moms with title such as, “how to handle stress during pandemic”. Do’s and don’t during family outings and more.


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